Gluten Free meals on Airlines

Today I am sharing the different Gluten Free meals that are offered on different airlines; Middle East airlines, Emirates airlines, and Oman Air.

Oman Air: Dinner; Muscat to Beirut.

Salad: Peas, cucumbers, and lemon.
Main: Grilled chicken with tomato sauce and a side of carrots, peas, and potatoes.
Dessert: Fruits
Side: Gluten and lactose free bread with Flora original spread.

Review: Chicken was perfectly cooked; not dry as most chicken on other airlines is served. Potatoes are a bit mushy. Fruits taste fresh. Would’ve preferred a different salad, especially since the veggies with the chicken contain peas.

IMG_9798 1.JPG

Oman Air: Dinner; Beirut to Muscat.

Salad: Tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow bell pepper.
Main: Chicken with a side of spinach, broccoli, cucumbers, green beans, and carrots.
Dessert: Fruits.
Side: Sea Slim gluten free bread with Lurpak Butter.
Review: I preferred this salad to the previous, but that’s just personal taste. Chicken was dry, as most airlines offer it, I did however like the veggies on the side. Very limited selection of fruits.

IMG_9505 1.JPG

Middle East Airlines: Lunch; London to Beirut.

Salad: Lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes.
Main: Chicken with boiled potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, peas, and broccoli.
Dessert: Selection of fruits.
Side: B Free gluten free bread, Bebo light spread, cheddar cheese block, and !!WHEAT crackers!!
Review: I usually hate lettuce in salads in airplane meals; it’s always so dry. Chicken was dry but veggies were perfect! The bread is my favourite offered on a plane so far; not only is it also wheat, dairy, and added sugar free, but it tastes so good! I skipped the cheese since I am also lactose intolerant… But the crackers??? I did ask the flight attendant how come they are served with gluten free meal and she was really confused; so I will leave a picture of the ingredients there for you to decide. In both cases, always be careful about what you are offered with your meal, double check the ingredients, and if in doubt, always skip!

IMG_6065 2.JPGIMG_6066 2.JPG

But hey, to be fair, they did skip it next time I flew with them. So maybe it was a mistake after all? But unfortunately, the meal was exactly the same, 5 months later…

IMG_7425 2.JPG

Middle East Airlines: Breakfast; Beirut to London.

Main: Omelette with mushrooms, potatoes, and spinach.
Dessert: Fruit selection.
Side: Goat labneh with cucumbers, Sea Slim gluten free bread, Sea Slim gluten free croissant, apricot preserve and Maccaw orange juice.
Review: I love the selection and the generosity, especially the croissant option! The croissant does, however, contain sugar and yeast, so if you have a problem with any of these, be careful when ordering this meal on board MEA. Not the ideal fruit selection, but still amazing compared to the portion of this meal. So would this be the winner?


Emirates: Dinner; Beirut to Dubai.

Salad: Tuna salad.
Main: Chicken with tomato sauce, potato wedges, and green beans.
Dessert: gluten free bread and gluten free cake.
Review: Finally, a proper salad and not some dry vegetables! The chicken wasn’t dry but EXTREMELY oily! The bread and dessert were really good, one of the best actually, but I think the dessert may contain a bit too much sugar (Guilty!).

IMG_7525 1.JPG

In my opinion, the shortlisted options would be Emirates’ Beirut-Dubai dinner and Middle East Airline’s Beirut-London breakfast. Despite being very tasty, Emirates’ meal wasn’t the healthiest option, so I would definitely go for MEA’s breakfast meal! I will let you decide on the best meal for you. It really depends on whether you’re a foodie or a more health-aware person. Both ways, always double check for ingredients.

On a different note, what is up with chicken in airlines’ gluten free meals.. Seriously? Would love to see more variety!


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