Easy Lunchbox ideas

Since I have arrived in London, and with the busy schedule, I have been on the hunt for easy, low-ingredient, quick, and healthy lunch ideas. Whether you’re a student, or a busy working person, these Gluten-free, Dairy-free, and Paleo recipes will definitely inspire you. Most of them are vegan. If not, a vegan option is given. And all of them are Whole30 compliant, except the first, which can also be made into a Whole30 recipe.

All the information and options are available on the recipe itself.

The recipes I am sharing today are all lunchbox-friendly, which means you can pack them and take them school or work, without the need to heat any of them -unless you really want to.

I really do not believe in counting calories, but just in case you do, these are all under 400 calories!

I hope these lunchbox ideas that can be served cold are useful. And remember, being a student, all of the recipes are budget-friendly and not time-consuming. Let me know what you think!

I have created an image that you can save on your phone, computer or tablet, for your convenience for each recipe.

  1. Quick fix soft-boiled egg salad (Vegan option available)

  2. Broccoli, mushroom, and sweet potato with red pasta sauce (Vegan)
    This recipe is Whole30 compliant

  3. Kale, pepper, and mushroom with homemade pesto (Vegan) – can also b a side dish.
    This recipe is Whole30 compliant.kale-pepper-and-mushroom-with-homemade-pesto-vegan
  4. Edamame spaghetti with homemade pesto, shrimps and cherry tomatoes.
    This recipe is Whole30 compliant.edamame-pasta-with-homemade-pesto-shrimps-and-cherry-tomatoes
  5. Roasted Brussel sprouts and sweet potato with mince meat – without mince meat, can also be a side dish, and is vegan.
    This recipe is Whole3o compliant.roasted-brussel-sprouts-and-sweet-potato-with-mince-meet

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