London Fashion Weekend

This weekend was London Fashion Weekend at Saatchi Gallery.

And on the occasion of that post, I would like to announce that Wanderlusterinc has moved to London! I am currently pursuing my master’s degree in the UK, and that is why I haven’t been posting a lot lately. I have been really busy moving in and settling down.

Recipes and inspiration will resume soon, as usual.

Enough about me, let’s talk fashion! After all, this blog is also about fashion and lifestyle!

Saatchi Gallery is located in a very nice area in Chelsea, London. The gallery itself is gorgeous.

Designers exhibited their work on the three levels of the gallery. On the GF were clothes, makeup, and sunglasses. On the second floor, designer shoes were displayed. And on the third floor, accessories.

Below are some pictures of the exhibition spaces:

Here, I have to mention the amazing deals Maybelline had on their products. And, if you buy two of their makeup products, you get a free makeover. YAY! I loved my makeover and the staff were really knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Thumbs up!

After touring around the building, I decided to go up to the Pommery Bar on the first floor and grab a glass of Champagne before the catwalk. After all, what’s a fashion show without champagne, right?

Oh and btw, I love the branding of #LFWEND ‘s tickets!

Then came the time for the catwalk! While purchasing the ticket, we had the option to choose between designer and trend, and of course I chose trend 🙂

The show was by Avenue 32, which is an online fashion retailer of luxury clothing, bags, shoes and jewellery.

The three trends were: velvet affair, new look lace, and winter florals.

Below are some pictures of the show, and yes, I was front row! Woot!


And more…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Which look is your favorite? Mine was definitely the black cape with florals!

I will also share with you my outfit for LFWEND. I didn’t realize I was dressed from Zara from head to toe until I started writing this post. The handbag was the only exception, and it’s a beautiful DKNY small handbag.


And finally, and since I am already feeling homesick, we decided to have dinner at Le Comptoir Libanais, which is just outside Saatchi Gallery.

I ordered the Mousakhan, which is roasted half chicken marinated in pomegranate molasses & cinnamon. Served with Comptoir salad and vermicelli rice. (Ignore the bread and the vermicelli).

I absolutely loved the place and its branding.

Service was kinda slow. Portion was perfect for the price. Unexpected!


And if you are interested, they also sell traditional jams, molasses, pickles, desserts, and even plates and mugs. You can also grab a copy of their recipe book!


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