Baytna Restaurant, Tripoli

After a long day in Tripoli, we needed a nice place with good food. Looking to have a light lunch, Lebanese Mezze was the obvious choice. After asking around, we were directed to Baytna Restaurant.

We entered a huge place, which radiates traditional Lebanese setup.

Usually, in such places, I unfortunately judge the place as being overrated and overpriced. I sometimes feel that smaller and cosier places offer a more tailored service and better food. But, I was completely, absolutely WRONG!

We ordered a bowl of Fattoush, Balila, Kaeb el Ghazal, Meat, grilled potatoes and tomatoes with garlic and sumac. The best and lightest lunch.

The fattoush was amazing! The balila was delicious.. But my first attempt to try “Kaeb el Ghazal” was beyond any words! It is officially my favorite dish of all times, thanks to Baytna! It is a version of the Fatte but with Kabab, tahini and yogurt. Note that this dish contains fried bread, making it not suitable for people with GI.

The delicious food doesn’t even compete with the amazing service you get at this place. Staff are very attentive, always ready, serving you before you even have the last bite. I was truly amazed.

Finally, we were offered desserts and some fruits – the perfect Lebanese traditional ending.

Having quit sugar a while ago, I refused to try them but hearing all the “mmmm”s from everyone on the table made me lose my willpower and decide to indulge in some sweets. To be fair, I only tried a bite of each. Desserts included: A wide selection of fresh fruits, Walnut “Maamoul Madd”, “Madd Ashta” and some “Makaroun”. And, OMG! These were just the perfect amount of sweet, which is usually hard to find in Arabic sweets. My favourite was the Madd Ashta. YUM YUM!

I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a good meal and a traditional Lebanese Mezze in Tripoli. Just make sure to keep enough place for you to try all their desserts.

Below is a picture of their bathroom tiles that I loved. Whoops..



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