Kampai and Gavi Beirut

Last week we decided to treat ourselves to a good dinner in Beirut.

Luckily for us, Beirut is known for having some of the most delicious and luxurious restaurants in the region. Gavi and Kampai are located in a lovely area, which vibrates with luxurious restaurants at night and art galleries during the day, like this international art gallery by Mark Hachem, where you can find amazing one-of-a-kind art pieces.

IMG_9272 1

I’m sure you have heard a lot of Kampai for serving the best Sushi in the country, but today I would like to talk more about Gavi, which is an Italian Restaurant in the heart of Beirut.

The reason I’m writing about the two of them in the same post is, first, because they run under the same management, second, that night we started with drinks and appetizers at Kampai and continued to have our meal at Gavi.

Below are some pictures of the appetizers: Edamame, Siu Mai Shitaki, veggie fresh rolls.

&… They serve Gluten-Free Soy Sauce! YAY!

Service at Kampai was slow, despite us arriving at a relatively quiet time. Food was amazing! Well-deserved reputation!

After we moved to Gavi, they were kind enough to offer us the possibility to have food served from either Gavi or Kampai. Everyone ordered sushi, but I decided to try Gavi’s Gluten-free Pasta, which is one of the few in Beirut.

The place is extraordinary. Our table was outside by the garden; cozy with a breeze.

We were served pizza-like bread; I was told it was delicious. *Poor me*… But at least I got my pasta.

IMG_9234 1

IMG_9241 2

IMG_9236 2

I ordered the Spaghetti Fruitti Di Mare, which was absolutely AMAZING!

I couldn’t believe that I was finally having a good plate of Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Pasta in Lebanon!

We ended our dinner with a Creme Brulee, the Flourless Cake (From Oslo) and the Baked Cheesecake (Also from Oslo). No words can describe how exquisite the desserts were!

Service deserves a 10/10!



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