Raw Gluten-free Vegan Pecan Pie

July 12 was Pecan Pie, one of my favorites! YUM YUM!

I have to say that until now, this has been the best vegan dessert recipe I have tried.

But why?

First of all, this dessert is not only allergy-friendly and vegan-friendly, but it is refined-sugar free and so easy to prepare!

Reviewing recipes on my blog, I am pleased to say this recipe by Eatgood4life deserves a 10 out of 10!

Below are pictures of the pie. You can either prepare a big one-pan pie or smaller individual ones.

The recipe is by Eatgoog4life, but I have created a printable jpeg image of the recipe that you can either print or save on your laptop or smartphone for easy access whenever you feel like trying out this pie!

As mentioned in the recipe, you might need to add some milk. To save you some time, I advise you to add some immediately as I think 1/2 a cup wasn’t enough to make the filling smooth.


IMG_8511 2




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