Chez Zakhia, Amchit

Starting the location, this place is AMAZING!
Perfect for a date, family lunch or even a gathering.

IMG_8271 2

It’s like you’re enjoying lunch in the middle of the sea. I wouldn’t have it any other way!
As for the food, we simply ordered mezze: Coriander potato cubes, hummus, fattoush, shrimps provencale, calamari provencale, octopus provencale, moutabbal and kebbet samak. YUM!

Their fattoush is amazing, one of my favorites. Of course, I ordered it without the bread, for allergy-related reasons, and I skipped the kebbe.
We had Arak to compliment the food.
Octopus provencale were also a hit, but, unfortunately, the calamari in the calamari provencale dish were too chewy that we couldn’t actually finish them.
Lunch ended with fruits and desserts on the house, that I had with a cup of Turkish Coffee.
I have to point out how friendly and professional their staff are. Your arak glass would be down to the last sip, and before you know it you were served with the next. Attention to details is rated 5/5!

IMG_8283 1
Prices are a bit relatively high, but compared with quality and location, I think they’re pretty fair, especially compared to other similar places.


Perfect experience!


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