Lunch at O&C

Last week, I was really craving Seafood, which explains why you will notice several reviews for seafood restaurants in Lebanon.

My first destination was O&C in Antelias.

The place is perfect. Located just above the O&C supermarket, the restaurant overlooks the busy highway and one of the iconic landmarks in Lebanon.

We ordered few mezze dishes, as we really wanted to enjoy their fresh seafood selection.

We had fattoush (with bread on the side), potato cubes with coriander and garlic, octopus provencale, hummus, grilled shrimps and two big grilled fish (not in picture), and of course a bottle of white wine to go along.

IMG_8260 1

Eating at O&C, or any seafood restaurant in Lebanon, is generally safe for people with allergies. All dishes were gluten-free and dairy-free, but be careful to always order the fried bread on the side, and do not consume it if you have an allergy to gluten.

As for the service, unfortunately, I believe this can be worked on further. Staff were not professional at all, lacked attention to detail and were really slow.

All-in-all, lunch at O&C was amazing. I especially loved their shrimps, with a drizzle of lemon and some cocktail sauce. And most importantly, particularly when comparing it to other seafood restaurants in the region, O&C offers a great meal for a relatively affordable price.



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