Your haven, Kitchen Confidential

When I was first diagnosed with several allergies, including gluten and lactose intolerance, I felt at my lowest. I didn’t know how it was possible for me to get through it. Not only did I live in a region where there wasn’t enough awareness towards this issue, but I was someone who simply adored food, especially bread!

I was one of those people who lived to eat, rather than ate to live.

I started to try and comfort myself by visiting supermarkets who imported gluten-free and dairy-free products, but instead of cheering me up, this dragged me further down. Most gluten-free options were made out of corn, which not only did I have an allergy to, but was also considered a no-no as it is mainly GMO.

That was it for me. How do I survive with my allergies when I love food so much? How will I ever feel full again if I need to have bread or pasta with every single meal? Will I ever have a burger again? Or a pizza? Will my food ever taste as good as it used to?

After a month of research, there it was, the light at the end of the tunnel: Kitchen Confidential. I had to visit this place, I had to see if this was true.

Located in the heart of Beirut, this place not only satisfied my cravings, but it was simply eye candy.

You enter into the coziest place you could imagine, and you actually feel as if you just walked into your mother’s kitchen and she is there preparing everything you could ever think of, and… it’s healthy!

Below is a picture of the art on the wall at Kitchen Confidential. So cute.

IMG_5975 2

You are greeted by the sweetest people- absolutely mirrors the fact that KC started as a family business- and the owners sure knew how to keep the warmth and coziness of the place.

As their online platforms suggest, KC offers Gluten-free, Sugar-free, Dairy-free, Yeast-free, Organic and Allergen-friendly Deliciousness! And if you are celiac, this is the safest place for you to eat, as all of their food abide by these guidelines. No wheat, corn or any allergy-related ingredient ever enters their kitchen.

If you’re trying to find solutions for a gluten-free and dairy-free breakfast, KC offers many options. The first picture is how I used their pita bread and filled it with Goat Halloumi. The second is how I paired their GF man’ouche, which comes in thyme, cheese or meat. And finally, you can pick one of their freshly baked and beautifully-packaged bread and spread it with whatever you like. I believe these come in either rice or buckwheat flour, and are offered as loaves, baguettes, burger buns, bagels, kaak and pita bread.

IMG_5403 1


IMG_0666 2

As for lunch, KC offers a daily platter, salads, pasta, pizzas, burgers, and sandwiches- all allergen-friendly, believe it or not. Below are the KC Signature Pizza topped with sheep cheese, and their gluten-free, dairy-free, grass-fed beef burger with air fries and organic ketchup- yes, also produced by them! You can also indulge in one of their imported GF beer! Can this get any better?..

… Yes, it can. At the end of your meal, they will nicely introduce you to their fresh bakes of the day, which never cease to amaze me. They usually have brownies, cookies, cakes and tarts.

Below are pictures that I took of their Maamoul, cupcake, and chocolate brownie.

I also celebrated National Chocolate Eclair Day by ordering their delicious Chocolate Eclair for me and my colleagues, who actually couldn’t believe that healthy, allergen-friendly and most importantly, SUGAR-FREE food can be so good. And yes, they deliver!

IMG_7932 2


I’m still dying to try their new Knefeh! Let me know if you have!

Although this place might come across as a bit overpriced, but I gotta say that nothing is more worthy than your health, and you have to take allergies seriously as they can really affect your body and your mood. I never realized the importance of following an allergy-friendly diet until I started seeing results. If your allergies are not very serious, you can always have a meal every once in a while, where you eat what you have missed the most, but try to stick to your diet as much as you can and I promise you will feel better, both physically and mentally.


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