The beginning of a healthy lifestyle

So this week, I decided to focus a bit on healthy eating.

The problem is that we all want to be fit and healthy and everyone says it’s so easy. But somehow, every time we begin our quest for a healthy lifestyle, all we find are the most complex recipes with ingredients we’ve never heard of before, and which we will probably never find.

This was a starting point for me. And since this blog focuses on being real, just like my readers, I have decided to begin posting easy and healthy recipes, healthy lifestyle tips and personal experiences.

Most of the recipes will be gluten and dairy-free since I have allergies to both. Some of them will even be vegan, and hopefully, all of them will be paleo and refined sugar-free. These will focus on being easy and having few ingredients.

But obviously, I didn’t know where to start. I still don’t have the skills to create my own recipes. So why not start from existing recipes? Then it hit me how many times I have tried recipes that didn’t work, that gave me a completely different number of servings than mentioned and so on. So.. Why not start with existing recipes, then testing them and reviewing them so you guys can know which recipes are actually worth the hassle.

And finally, since I know that no actual hobby can be done perfectly without any passion, I have incorporated my love for weird and unique national days. Thus, my posts will be mostly inspired by whatever is happening on that day.

So, I hope you enjoy my new posts and can join me on my healthy adventure.

I actually apologize for not posting here every single day, since I have a full-time job and I will soon be pursuing my master’s degree, so if you want to stay up to date on my day-to-day posts and experiences, follow me on Instagram @wanderlusterinc and every week, I will post a brief with all main pictures, tips, and recipes here on the blog. Obviously, more content will be available on Instagram, but hopefully, with time every topic will be available here for you to read about in details.

Before I introduce you to the first edition of my healthy diary, I have to admit that I am not ready to be fully committed to a healthy lifestyle and I love food so much that I can’t force myself not to crave any. That’s why I believe in an 80/20 diet, which basically means you’re good as long as 80% of your meals are healthy, no matter what you eat on the other 20%. I believe in eating everything you crave, in moderation, so you never have to go through days of binge eating and ditching your healthy lifestyle. After all, my blog is all about being realistic and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. But, I have taken a decision to stop refined-sugar completely and that is something I am hoping to stick to.




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