Brunch at Eat Sunshine

Good morning Sunshine!

If you live in Beirut and need a cozy place for a healthy and delicious brunch, Eat Sunshine is defintely the place you should be at right now!

Starting from the place itself, I absolutely loved how it mirrors the identity of old and modest Beirut, where you have to dig deep to find the best hidden gems. The access to this eatery is actually from another shop, so you feel as if you are going to the back end of a small traditional Lebanese souvenirs shop.

Once you enter the place, you will fall in love with the good vibes and fresh look. Sunshine strikes through the glazed high windows and all walls are covered with green leaves. People are sitting comfortably, enjoying a quiet and homely brunch with friends.

The place offers a wide selection of delicious food. You can either choose to indulge in their buffet and try their specialties, or enjoy their tasty “a la carte” options, where you can choose between having breakfast or lunch (or simply, brunch).

Not only does this place surprise you with its unique feel and environment, but even in the smallest details, where even coasters are designed in a simple and unique way. I have to be honest and say that the only thing that I believe didn’t meet my expectations is the poorly-designed menu. Now I know it is supposed to be simple, but I think it can be worked on, to reflect the identity of the place.

Food is mostly gluten-free, yeast-free and dairy-free but I was disappointed to know that their bread isn’t actually gluten free. So just in case you have food allergies and  you order any dish that has bread, make sure to ask the waiter about ingredients, and be really keen on knowing exactly what’s in every dish, because to be honest, I felt that the waiter wasn’t really sure about the information, so I asked her to double-check with the chef.

I ordered black coffee, which was served with the cutest “Good Morning” mug with a little sun coaster. Although it was 2pm, we decided to have breakfast, tempted by the delicious options. We ordered the breakfast plate, housemade granola with almond milk (served in a cute milk jar) and banana buckwheat pancakes with blueberry jam.

IMG_7775 1

And honestly, this was the best healthy breakfast I’ve had in a while. The banana buckwheat pancakes were a hit, even without the blueberry jam! It was so good, that I didn’t even get a chance to take a picture of it *blushes*

All in all, it was an amazing experience that I would definitely recommend!

I gotta say that I feel so happy seeing such places with new concepts and cozy settings in my beautiful Beirut.


Interesting facts that I retrieved from Eat Sunshine’s website:

Today, Eat Sunshine is the first wholesome clean eatery in Lebanon.

Eat Sunshine is a wholesome eatery dedicated to making healthy food taste extraordinary. We serve organic* fruit and vegetables, free-range and pastured animal products, and wild-caught fish**. We emphasize local products, but embrace unique superfoods from around the globe. At Eat Sunshine, you’ll experience exciting new tastes, time honored food traditions, and our unwavering commitment to quality.

Our menu has been prepared under the guidance of Christopher Clark, a world-renowned nutrition expert and celebrity chef.

* Our products are certified organic whenever possible, but in some cases, we chose conventional products that meet our rigid quality-control standards.

** Our fish is wild-caught with the exception of salmon which is organically farmed.


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