Brainstorm in the midst of brain storms

Leading a creative lifestyle doesn’t always have to be a luxury for people of no 9 to 5 or no serious job. It is not only a necessity for people in the creative field either.

But the questions that we all ask ourselves remain obscure: “Is everyone creative?””Am I creative?” “How can I be creative?”. And here, one thing needs to be clarified. Creativity is not being able to draw or paint or design something, it is not a trait of the few artistic people among us. Although they might have a talent and a higher level of imagination and innovation, we too are creative.

But what is creativity?

Creativity is about problem-solving, coming up with new ideas or even thinking of a good excuse to call in sick this morning. Without creativity, we can’t adapt nor survive. Thus, the need for all of us to nurture our creative side and engage in stimulating activities that boost our creativity, no matter how overwhelmed we are. Below are a few simple ways that you can introduce into your busy lifestyle to enrich your creativity and make room for yourself in a tight and busy schedule.

1- Always carry a notebook and scribble at least one thing a day.

This can also be a diary. Whether you have this amazing idea or you just had the most bizarre dream of a product or concept that can never be possible, scribbling your ideas on a notebook, or simply writing them down, is very important to keep track of your thoughts and ideas. You never know when these might actually come in handy. Draw. Write. Grow this simple habit that can immensely stimulate your mind. Every little thing you can imagine is possible. We can severely  underestimate our unconscious mind and dim its light, but if we learn to listen to it, we can understand the reason behind each of our thoughts.

2- Read few pages from a book.

Reading a book can aid with strategic thinking and problem-solving. It is also the ultimate imagination trigger. Not only does it help enhance your creative side but you also learn new words, sentence structures and metaphors. To me, this is the best and easiest way that you can easily introduce into your lifestyle; all you have to do is go to bed 15 minutes earlier.

3- Engage in a relaxing hobby.

Finding and engaging in a hobby or activity that you enjoy has huge effects on your mood. Similarly, boosting your mood can remarkably boost your ability to think and be creative. Giving yourself the time to do something you like will allow you to get your mind off stressful things and clear your thoughts in order to think more efficiently.

4- Browse the Internet or flip through a magazine.

Although many of you might consider this the ultimate time-wasting and responsibility-ditching technique, just flipping through the pages of a magazine or your favorite online blog will expose you to a number of new ideas. Whether you decide to read the news, look at new trending fashion, scroll through recipes on Pinterest and design ideas on Houzz, you will see and learn something new. Let’s not go to this extreme, but I even if you end up scrolling through Facebook, and no matter how smaller the chances are, you will definitely stumble upon new information.

5- Have at least one short meaningful conversation.

There’s nothing more flourishing than engaging in a meaningful conversation with someone. Not only does that force you to be creative in dealing with different people with different personalities, but it will also give you a different view on things. There isn’t a time when I have engaged in a meaningful conversation with an educated individual and haven’t learned anything. You can always take back new ideas, perspectives and things to think about and learn from.

Creativity allows for growth and development. Without advancement, life stops and we get stuck in a loop. Be active. Give as much attention to your personal growth and creative thinking as you would to your paying job. This is what will help you in life and make you become a better person, personally and professionally.


2 thoughts on “Brainstorm in the midst of brain storms

  1. Great post! I do those too.. however at times i got too overwhelmed.. it sucks when your creative juice starts flowing at the time when you’re supposed to focus on your work.


    1. Thank you! Yes, I do hate when you really need to get something done but you can’t find enough inspiration or actually doing something else and suddenly creativity starts flowing. But I believe the second is a bit more manageable as you can always give yourself 10 minutes to write down all your creative ideas and come to them later. That way, when you actually have to be creative about something but can’t find inspiration, you would have a starting point by reading your previous notes.

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