Dress Code Guide: Men

Following last week’s post: Dress Code Guide: Women, I will be introducing today the same guide but for men! Let’s decode the dress codes!

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“Dress comfortably” can summarize this dress code. Come as you are but try to avoid wearing sweatpants. (Jeans, T shirt, Sweater, Sneakers, etc.)

Business Casual

Dress 9 to 5 appropriate. (Chinos or dress pants, collared shirt, loafers or dress shoes, etc.)

Business Attire

This is where things start to get serious. Aim for suits and very formal professional outfits. Dark colors are preferable in this case. (Black, grey or navy suit, solid dress shirt, tie-nothing flashy-, dress shoes and dark socks)

Festive Attire/Cocktail Attire

Depending on the season and event function -usually holiday parties or outdoor weddings. Think dressy but fun! (Holiday-themed tie, dress shoes, linen suit, loafers without socks, etc.)


Think simple and elegant! (Dark slim fit suit, white shirt, skinny tie, black shoes, etc.)

Black Tie Optional/ Creative Black Tie

This dress code leaves some room for trendy items.

For black tie optional you can go with a dark suit or black tuxedo a white shirt and a black tie. As for the Creative Black Tie, you can go with a black tuxedo, a black shirt and a bowtie.

Black Tie

Just pretend you’re going to the Oscars! (Dark Tuxedo, cuff links and a bow tie!)

Happy Dress Coding!



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