Christmas in action!

December is the Friday of the months!

It is genuinely the best time of the year. Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, Christmas markets… What could be better?

I would like to share with you one of the best Christmas markets I’ve been to and the first of its kind in my country, Lebanon, organized by INACTION events.

Not only that, but it was also towards a good cause, where proceeds went to the children cancer center of Lebanon.

The exhibition consisted of art, design, food and a kids area.

It also included souk el akel, which is a food street market organized every Thursday, but this time was with a twist; Christmas was in the air.


The venue, the Mar Mikhael Train Station was beautifully decorated with hanging lights. Every booth was well-designed and beautifully set up. There was food from all around the world, all prepared in an amazing way.




Food included sandwiches, tacos, soups, saj, cakes, desserts, popsicles and everything you could ever imagine. There was even a red burger prepared especially by Burger Bar!

FullSizeRenderRed Burger picture by @nogarlicnoonions


Cotton Candy



Gingerbread Houses


Personally, here are pictures of the food I enjoyed the most!



Delicous Lobster Taco by A Cote!





Perfectly Grilled German Sausages



Mulled Wine by Chateau St. Thomas



Lychee popsicle and sparkling wine by PopCityLb



Amazing homemade eclairs with toppings of your choice!

My personal favourites remain certainly and surprisingly the Donut Burger and the Croissant Burger! Yes, believe it! Picture below is by @nogarlicnoonions



For more pictures visit @nogarlicnoonions instagram pages for delicious food posts!





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