Last minute, in style Halloween Costumes!

This week, I would like to make an exception.. Two posts in one week… YAY!

I thought it would be a good idea to give you some last minute Halloween inspiration. Halloween in style is not so hard after all. I have done some research to provide you with the best fashionable and stylish Halloween costumes I could find out there. I hope you like them xx

And please remember, Halloween in style doesn’t have to be slutty, use these inspirations to get some ideas about how you can be feminine and yet classy 🙂

Rosie the Riveter


You can do it! This internet hit could save your last minute Halloween plans. Just throw on a denim shirt and bandanna and you’re set!

Rich Life gone Bad


Throw on a fancy dress, some pearl jewelry, apply this simple make up and don’t forget your glass of wine!

Snow White


Throwback to the 60’s


Cereal Killer


If you’re a fan of funny Halloween costumes, be a serial killer for a night!




batwoman simple make up

You can either put on some simple batman makeup,


or a mask,


or be batman’s sidekick.

Great Gatsby

Kim Great Gatsby

This is a perfect outfit for a fancy Halloween Party inspired by the Great Gatsby as worn by Kim Kardashian.

Karl Lagerfeld and Choupette


The perfect outfit for a couple. Karl Lagerfeld and his beloved cat Choupette.

Masquerade Ball


Another fancy costume for a fancy Halloween Party. A fancy dress and a fancy mask to go with it! The perfect excuse to wear that dress you’ve been hiding in your closet.



Make up, a suit and a bowtie!

Mask or Ears


For a simple night out with the girls, put on cute ears or a scary mask, wear your cutest outfit and you’re set to go!

Black Widow, baby

black widow

Dark make up, a black veil and black gloves and you’re good to go.

Halloween Make up


Who said you have to wear a costume to have your Halloween spirit on? Some make up can do it too!

Stylish Skeleton


Loving this skeleton make up with a geometric black and white dress. Stylish Halloween.


Cat Woman

Happy Halloween!


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