A message to all the women out there!

The last few posts have been about sharing experiences, recipes, ideas, etc.

Today’s post is a bit different; it’s an opinion to which you can agree or totally disagree, dismiss and ignore. I respect everyone’s opinion and I hope we can all do the same. After all, if disagreements don’t happen, we would stay where we are forever. Please feel free to share any opinion that you might have on the subject, here at Wanderluster.inc everything is accepted and even more, considered as new information, something we can all benefit from.

I would like to talk today about beauty pageants and their influence on women and the society.

Personally, I find these pageants a bit demeaning and belittling to women in general. We are giving people and especially men the right to judge us by our looks and even rate us accordingly. Who gave anyone the permission to rate us by numbers and grades? What work have we done to be born with a pretty face? Well, the answers to these questions, for me, are NO ONE and NOTHING.


(Pictures in this post are not mine)

Yes, no one has the right to judge us as people depending on how we look and whether he or she likes our appearance or not. And yes, if you ever want to be rated and judged as a human being, your looks are not something you have earned! I wish there were pageants for personalities, attitudes, generosity, care and success! Looks are something given from God. Yes, you can work on yourself to be more appealing, but unless you seek face lifting and operations, there’s not much you can do about it. And this is not fair to all the women out there who work so hard on themselves, who care for everyone evenly and who are self-made and have accomplished a lot, but for you, just don’t have the looks.

If the true goal of having beauty pageants is to have someone represent the country, which would you choose? Someone based on their looks or someone who started from nothing and found her way to respect and success? We need more strong, self-made and independent women in the world. They’re the ones who make a difference. We need more women who support and empower each other rather than women who bring other women down.


I admire a beautiful woman who takes care of herself but this is not a way to know your worth and neither should any woman out there be compared to another woman based on looks, but rather based on who they are as human beings. Get women who can tell me what they’ve been through, how they made it here, how they’ve worked so hard on themselves, changed lives and influenced every person who met them. Then, I’ll choose someone to represent my country.

I would like to end this article with one saying and I’ll leave the rest up to you.

“If the whole world was blind, how many people would you impress?”


Happy Empowering!



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