What’s in my Bag? – Road Trip Edition.

After the success of my first article “What’s in my Bag?”, I have decided to tell you more about things you need in different situations and during different days. Introducing the “What’s in my Bag” Saga, today, I will be telling you about the most essential things to have on you whenever you are going on long rides and enjoying a road trip.

Please note that you still need to refer to my first article “What’s in my Bag?” to check the essentials, the things you need every time you leave the house and not only on road trips. It is very useful to refer to both articles, as some items like the power bank for example is also a must for long days of driving and taking pictures!


  1. A big backpack
    Before starting with everything that goes into the bag, it is necessary to focus on the bag itself. After all, you are spending most of your day outside and you’re going to need a lot of things. A backpack is the perfect solution as it is easier to carry than a handbag, especially if you are planning to walk.
  2. Jacket
    When road tripping, you visit new places, you might even go up to the mountains for some sightseeing, in this case the weather might get cold sometimes and you have to be ready by always having a jacket with you. You can wear it on your shoulders or tie it around your hips so you don’t have to carry it around.
  3. Hat
    Just like it might get cold, the sun might also be very strong. To avoid getting sun burnt or getting a bad headache, it is very useful to have a hat. You can attach it to your backpack so it doesn’t take much place inside it and that way you won’t lose it when you’re not wearing it. To avoid the uncomfortable consequences of heavy sunlight, the next two points are also a must.
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Sun protection and hand cream
    Sun protection is something we always tend to forget. If you know you will be spending some time outside, this is the first thing you should place in you backpack before leaving. In dry weather, our skin gets dehydrated, thus, try choosing a sun protection cream that is also a moisturizer, and for your hands, keep a hand cream with you at all times to avoid chippy hands.
  6. iPod
    For those time when you need to listen to a tune but want to avoid draining your phone’s battery.
  7. Earphones or Headphones
    For those walks.
  8. Camera
    When we are sightseeing or visiting new places, our phone’s camera is not enough to capture beautiful sceneries, that is when a camera comes in handy. Personally, I miss having physical pictures rather than digital ones, this is why I chose to have an instant camera. If you do choose to do the same, make sure you have enough special paper.
  9. Water Water Water
    The most important item to have is a good water bottle that doesn’t leak and that is especially designed for things like that and for handling strong sun exposure without becoming toxic. I chose a BIS and BPA free lockable bottle.
  10. Map
    You can notice that this item is not present in the picture, this is because I have decided to use my Apple Watch as a map if I ever need directions.
  11. Snacks and Medications
    These are essential in case you feel hungry, dizzy or experience any symptoms caused by specific conditions.Finally, since our final destination was a house party, we had to take our own drinks with us, which bring me to my promise about telling you why I chose Chopin Potato Vodka for the occasion.
    chopinBesides being consistently rated at the top of its class, earning Double Gold in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and Gold Medals from the Chicago Beverage Testing Institute’s International Review of Spirits Award, this choice was based on my gluten intolerance.For all the people out there with gluten intolerance or celiac disease and who like to enjoy a good drink, especially Vodka, I have been recommended with either Chopin Potato (be careful as there is some that are made of wheat or rye) or Ciroc Vodka that is distilled from grapes.7

For details about the featured image, go to our instagram account @Wanderlusterinc and tap the image for details.

Link to audio post: https://soundcloud.com/wanderlusterinc-blog/whats-in-my-backpack

To know more about that trip as well as for an outfit suggestion, please check the article that I posted last week, titled “Sunday Road Trip

Happy Packing!



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