Sunday Road Trip!

Today I would like to share with you a Sunday road trip to the Lebanese village: Debbiyeh.

Starting the day with picking the right outfit, I always try to choose very comfortable clothes, therefore, I decided to settle for jeans, a basic tank top, comfortable shoes and of course a simple jacket in case it gets chilly in the evening.

Below is a picture of the outfit I decided to wear.

1Tank top: Zara Basic

Jeans: Ralph Lauren

Shoes: Superga

Jacket: H&M

Ring: Swarovski

Watch: Apple Watch


3We kicked off our day with a quick stop at Zaatar W Zeit. There, we had breakfast and I wanted to share with you their new redesigned juice bottles which I really liked.


Below are some pictures of the amazing views we often see in such a beautiful country! The final destination was a small mountain house in the most peaceful location where we enjoyed drinks, music and great company.





I will be sharing another post next week which will be titled “What’s in my Bag? – Road Trip Edition” and it will reveal the reason behind my choice of Chopin Potato Vodka for the occasion. Stay tuned!

Link to audio post:

Here’s a sneak peak of next week’s post!


Happy road tripping!


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