What’s in my Bag?

Today’s post is something personal, yet very common among us girls and women. I have decided to give you a peek into my handbag, tell you about the things I always have on me and why.

I tried to confine the items into 15 things every girl should have in her handbag. I highly believe these items are essential and are worth being carried at all times. I understand that we are always tired of that heavy handbag and tend to start eliminating some objects; I have to be honest and tell you that every time I removed an item, I found myself in a situation when I need it the MOST!

A good tip would be to choose small versions of things that can be found.

What's in my bag

  1. Wallet

Starting with the most crucial item, a wallet is a must-have to both genders. Who wants to wander around without money or their ID?

Always make sure that you have your wallet on you, especially to all the girls out there. Men, who carry their wallet most of the times, rarely forget it anywhere. But we, as women, when taking something out of our wallets, we sometimes leave it outside, and leave the house thinking that we have it. Always check your handbag for that item first, then the rest. After all, everything else can be made up for, somehow, or simply bought, but not without a wallet!

  1. Keys

Here, no justification is needed as to why this item even exists on the list but I would like to give you a little tip about how to keep your keys from ruining your stuff. I found it very handy to place the keys in a separate case or zipper to avoid any contact with smartphones, mirrors or anything that can be damaged.

  1. Scarf

This is something that slips almost everyone’s mind. I decided to put it third because I have realized the importance of having a scarf on you at all times. This item is essential especially in the workplace, or if you know you would be visiting someone, a restaurant or simply going to the movies. You need a scarf any place where you cannot control the air conditioner, meaning anywhere but home! A scarf is usually a very light item that you can easily fit in your bag, wear on your neck or even tie it to your handbag! Better safe (and warm) than sorry (and cold)!

  1. Sunglasses/Eyeglasses

Especially on sunny days! I know that you rarely leave the house without your sunglasses on during sunny days, but it is very helpful to have it even on worse days, as you never know when the sun will shine again. It might be very hard if you’re driving and the sun shines in your eyes.

Also, if you wear eye glasses, it would be very hard to get through the day without those on you all day.

  1. Charger

Smartphones have become crucial parts of our everyday life, but unfortunately, the lifetime of their batteries have not been keeping up with the growing pace of how much we use our phones during the day. That is why it’s important to always keep your charger on you for those times when you’re sitting on your desk or at a restaurant and need to give your phone a boost. Also note that it is better to have the charger as two separate pieces: the USB cable and the adapter, to allow for charging in whichever way is more convenient; which brings us to the next item:

  1. Power Bank

For those times when you’re on the go or simple you can’t find a place to plug your phone. Always have a fully charged power bank along with a USB charging cable for those emergencies. It would be helpful to buy a small organizing bag to place the charger and the power bank to help you find them easily whenever you need them and to avoid getting the charger from tangling in your things.

  1. Earphones

Being on a train, bus, or simply sitting on your desk at work, it is always helpful to have your earphones on you. This allows you to listen to music without bothering others, listening to voice messages and even easily answer phone calls. A tip would be to place your earphones in a small separate case to keep it from tangling into your things.

  1. Hand Gel (or wet wipes) & Hand Cream

No need for an explanation on this item as I believe we all know the importance of having a hand gel or wet wipes for those messy moments. Also, I have realized that keeping a hand cream in my handbag has made me use it more often. Every time I opened my bag, my hands fell on the hand cream, I was starting to feel they meant it. Well, I’ve got them to thank for having softer hands, or should they thank me?

It is useful to find smaller tubes to avoid having a stuffed heavy handbag.

  1. Notebook/Agenda

I always thought this was a creative person’s must-have; but with time I realized that it is always beneficial to have a notebook, no matter what you do. Use it to write everything that crosses your mind during the day, whether something to remember, a to-do list, some groceries you need to buy or even ideas, quotes and sketches. During the day, we come across so many useful ideas and thoughts that disappear with our next task. Most of these are important things we need to remember or even a blastoff into our next great idea. We are getting used to using our smartphones to keep our ideas but nothing will ever be better than writing them down or, even better, sketching them.

  1. Pencil/Make Up Case

Having a small bag is essential for those little things, from pencils, mascara, lipstick, pills box and even hygienic pads. This case would be a personal bag inside a bag.

  1. A mirror

This item can also be part of your make up bag for times when you need to retouch your make up or get that thing out from your teeth. A mirror always comes in handy to avoid certain situations and feel good at all times.

  1. Tissues

Tissues are without any argument an essential item to always have in your bag. These can also be found in small versions.

  1. Chewing Gum

Keeping a chewing gum or mint candies with you at all times is one of the best ways to get rid of bad breath or post-food tastes.

  1. Snack

Snacks are a good way for leading a healthy lifestyle as they can come in handy when you’re feeling hungry. To avoid binging after being hungry for a while, you can have a quick small snack that you always carry around and eat your meal later on at your convenience. It really helps soothe a hungry stomach.

  1. Water

Always stay hydrated no matter what!

I hope this post was a bit helpful for women who struggle to organize their handbags or women who always found themselves missing something whenever they needed it. Please share any thoughts or experiences you might have on the subject and tell us “What’s in your bag?”

I have also included a small checklist that you can keep visible to you when leaving the house so you can double check if you have everything you need to get through the day!

I have also left a few empty slots for you to add things that may be personal to you.

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