Things I can’t live without! Part 1

Starting a new topic: Things I can’t live without.

Every once in a while, I will be posting a small description of an object, an application or anything that I think is essential to me and I can’t let go of.

My first post would be about my Apple Watch.

I’m going to take this opportunity to first talk about how Apple Watch is an important aspect of my every day life and second, I will try to give a quick review about this new technology and what it is lacking.

To be honest, I first decided to buy my Apple Watch out of excitement and curiosity. I was so eager to try this new technology. I started googling what it can do, how it would make my life better, what options I can benefit from but I forgot to look for what it doesn’t do. I had very high expectations that weren’t completely met. More on that later on in the post.

So starting with what, for me, is an added value for the Apple Watch.

First of all, I really like the design, especially the over-sized digital clock.

IMG_3441 1

Apple Watch is a great tool for driving and exercising. When connecting your phone to your Apple Watch through Bluetooth, you immediately get all your notifications right on your wrist; which is really handy for driving, work, etc. You can quickly check if it’s worth looking at your phone or not. (Please whatever the situation is don’t check your phone while driving). You can also answer your phone calls through loudspeaker!

Also, the watch has a really subtle way of informing you of new notifications as it slightly vibrates on your wrist to alarm you.

As for exercising, Apple Watch has an exercise application with different options to choose from (Elliptical, Stair Stepper, Indoor Cycle, etc.). While exercising, it calculates the calories you are burning through a subtle green light technology. It also uses the vibration to inform you when you have reached certain distances.

For your every day life, Apple Watch keeps track of the steps you take. You can set goals and see how good you’re doing towards that goal. The watch also reminds you to stand up for a few minutes every hour and exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. It’s like your conscience, on your wrist! For people like me, I also find Apple Watch really helpful for keeping track on your heart rate during the day.

Looking on the other side of things, here are a few things I think are lacking in such an expensive to have technology.

Even though Apple Watch is good for some quick check on Instagram and Twitter, it is not the right tool for staying up to date on your social media.

Also, I think it’s really frustrating how you can quickly check your notifications in a meeting but you can’t reply! Despite the fact that Apple Watch offers talk to type on iMessage, it is not very convenient in certain situations, it rarely understands what you’re saying and you can’t use it for other messaging applications like WhatsApp, for example, that cannot even be opened on the watch. I think Apple Watch should have better integration for big and useful applications. It also should integrate an easy to use keyboard for quick typing.

In addition, when answering your calls on Apple Watch, the sound is very low and therefore, it is very hard to use.

Finally, I personally believe that it would be useful to be able to connect earphones and listen to music on the Apple Watch.

Generally, I cannot say that buying an Apple Watch wasn’t an added value at all. After all, this is the first watch launched by Apple; but let’s hope they will introduce bigger improvements next time.

Please let me know if there is anything you believe I missed in my post. I would be happy to read your feedback!


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