Reasons why I decided to cut my hair!

Me: I feel like cutting my hair short

X: Okay, so when?

Me: Maybe after my birthday because I have a hairstyle in mind for my party and I don’t want to risk it.

After my birthday

Me: I really want to cut my hair short.

X: Okay, you said that a hundred times before, when are you going to actually do it?

Me: I don’t know, maybe after graduation. You know, I don’t want to regret it and then have all of my pictures with short hair and every time I look back at them, I feel the same regret.

Graduation is done…

Me: This time I mean it; I’m cutting my hair short.

X: Sure…

And it goes on and on…………………….

Reasons why I finally decided to go for it and cut my hair short.


Honestly, all it takes is a decision. I just needed the courage to do it, and once I did it, it felt really good. I was so happy with the result.

I am not saying that you won’t miss your long hair, but you will be happy to actually get the courage to do it. It just says something about you.

Everyone kept asking me: You had really long hair. How did you have the courage to cut it that short?

And it feels so good to say: I just did it! I wasn’t scared!

Healthier hair

One of the reasons I wanted to cut my hair short is because of the split ends. I’m so happy I did. At least, once I grow my hair back, I would have healthier hair that doesn’t fall off and leave traces everywhere I go.

New you!

It’s kind of a difference. It’s like when you buy new clothes; you’re so happy, you feel like it’s a new you, it’s a fresh new you!

So same goes for the hair, you feel like you have changed something about yourself, you’ve changed something about your life and you can change a lot more if you just have the courage to step into something new. It might seem like the stupidest decision, but I genuinely believe that people, who have the courage to change something about themselves and the way they look, can easily adapt to other changes. After all, it’s you, nothing matters more. So break the routine!

Trying something different.

I have tried all of the hairstyles I could try in the world while having long hair. That’s an opportunity to try something new.

New hair, new look, new hairstyles, new accessories…

And hey, at least you would be happy when getting your long hair back, that’s another change for you!

You get to see which length suits you better

When you cut your hair short and when growing it back, you have to go through all the lengths that are in between. Therefore, you might discover that one length would suit you better than both long and short hair.

It’s easier!

Trust me, it is easier. You get up in the morning; take your shower that already takes half the time, and you can just leave your hair to dry and you’re good to go. You don’t have to worry about fixing them, about bad hair days, etc. And to be honest, just in case you do have a bad hair day, if it’s a bad “long hair” day, then you’re screwed; you’re at least half an hour late for work. But if it were a bad “short hair” day, no problem; it would take 5 minutes for you to fix it!

It’s growing back!

Cutting your hair is the easiest decision ever. It’s the only decision you can take back, even if it takes some times. If only all life choices were so easy! Hey, I made a mistake, can I take it back? Well, I guess if someone gave you the choice to live with that mistake forever or wait a few months and everything would go back to how it was, which would you choose?

This is a picture of my long hair before cutting it.


And that’s an after!


I’m not saying that short hair is better. So it’s not really about short hair vs. long hair. I’m just saying you should try something different.

If you’ve always had long hair, try to cut it, try a new look and see if it suits you better.

Same goes to all you ladies with short hair, try growing it!

May you never wake up with a bad hair day!

Please find below something I found in Cosmopolitan Magazine, if you’re looking to donate your hair for a good cause.

IMG_5158 copy


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