The first steps are the hardest. 

Hey there lovelies,

First of all, I do realize how inconsistent things have been. Well, that’s part of what I want to write about today.

A while ago, I started this blog as a way for me to share my thought with the world. Some time later, I started giving it less attention and importance, forgetting the real reason behind it.

I have been affected by reasons every one of us would be scared of. First, no one can deny the presence of a huge amount of blogs out there. Thinking you can compete with people who have been doing it for so long seems absurd – and will never be possible. But I have come to realize that I am not here for the competition, I have completely forgot the sole aim of me writing on this page. So one thing I can tell you for sure is that you should never do anything for anyone other than yourself. Do it because you want to and because you love to. And always remember that the people who are successful are ones that started just like you are trying to right now. They had the same amount of time and the same opportunity, they just worked harder each day to get to where they are today.

Social media has been a great way to share success stories and prove to the world that people can start with nothing but their own self, not even the slightest investment and make it anywhere. Many bloggers have made their way through and are leaders in what they do. 

Second, and that is the most painful thing I have learned about myself. We often get demotivated by time and effort. We start believing that we will not make it any time soon and the effort is not worth it. Well, bad news my friend. Bad news to myself too. Nothing can be done in a day, nor a week and not even in a month. Everything takes time, and it’s the people who persevere who actually see the result. I have considered giving up on writing, I have felt that I will not ever get myself heard. But from this day on, I am willing to try.

Don’t be afraid of time, it will pass anyway.

Don’t be afraid of effort. Nothing you do will ever go to waste. If it’s not success that you get, you will definitely get much more. You learn from your mistakes, you learn about yourself and you grow with experience.

If you have been waiting for a sign to get up and do what you’ve been postponing or what you have given up on, this is it. Who knows? A year from now, you might be thankful that you did. You might realize that it wasn’t as hard as everyone said it would be. Who knows what the future holds? We just have to try. And if you don’t try, then you will never know.

I hope days from now, one of you will contact me and tell me this was the sign he needed. Nothing brings me more happiness than seeing people succeeding.

Please share your stories.

Good luck! You can do it!



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