Hello World!

I’m sure we’ve all had enough of fashion blogs. Girls posing are all we see once we’re connected online. This is not another fashion blog. It’s a lifestyle. You must have had enough of that too, but there’s something different about the aim of this blog. Wanderluster is a place for everyone. Whether you’re a student, an entrepreneur or you’re just curious to explore and share. It’s not about clothes only few can afford nor places only few can visit nor DIY you never have the time for. It’s a place where you can explore ways to live life to the fullest in a realistic way. Being an architecture student, I have always found it hard to find the time to browse the internet for trending fashion, actually cook a recipe I stumbled upon or even accomplish a DIY project I’m interested in. Also, rarely have I found time to go to the gym, get ready in the morning, be fully dressed with make up and hair perfectly done. I always find myself overnighting, rushing my way to print shops every morning and eating anything on the go. For me, this is how life is for most of us, it’s a race against time. But this doesn’t stop us from living and experiencing everything we’ve ever dreamed of. Trying to find ideas online, most of the time we get redirected to luxurious pages for people with private jets, fancy watches and expensive bags. But what if we want to be up to date, trendy and yet realistic. If this is how you feel, welcome to my blog, you’ve found your guide. Please feel free to share any ideas you might have along the way. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Beirut, Lebanon.


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